Bayanqolu the provincial secretary of Jilin province and his party inspect “Forise Future World” project in Changchun

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Bayanqolu the CPC provincial secretary of Jilin province, Zhang Anshun provincial secretary-general, Wang Junzheng the municipal party secretary of Changchun, Jiang Zhiying the mayor of Changchun, and Zhao Ming, municipal secretary-general and the party inspected the “Changchun Forise Future World” project at 3:30 pm, April 18, 2016. And Mr. Wang Xin president of FORISE PROPERTY entrusted Zhu Zhonglin the vice president to company all the way and detail the construction of the project.


In inspecting, Bayanqolu the secretary fully accepted the development idea, total planning, industry orientation and construction speed of Changchun “Forise Future World” and highly evaluated the innovative development mode of FORISE PROPERTY.Bayanqolu the secretary praised FORISE PROPERTY for the responsibility and continuous innovation which lead the domestic and overseas superior resources into Changchun to revitalize finance, culture and travel industries while facing the economic new normal and compliex market background. Changchun “Forise Future World” project is carried out at present time, but will benefit all in the future. The government must support it with superior resources to make the project a business card by combining the finance, culture and travel industries of Jilin with urban upgrading, industry renewal, culture construction and life promotion, and a center of new economic growth point of “finance, culture and travel in Jilin”, and culture, business, entertainment and life in Northeast Asia in future.

The two parties went into depth discussion about the topics of new economic growth point of “finance, culture and travel in Jilin”, they thought there should be new measures in new normal, and must innovate modes and overcome challenges to support the project of spanning development. Zhu Zhonglin the vice president of FORISE PROPERTY said that FORISE PROPERTY will fully comply with city personality, reach innovation breakthrough quickly, actively integrate global superior resources, and make full efforts to steadily and efficiently promote the development of culture and travel industries in Changchun and Northeast Asian region.With the strongly support of government, taking the financial capital as link, the industry innovation as drive and the international operation as method, Changchun “Forise Future World” project devotes to promote industrial restructuring, city transition and upgrading, new level of cultural construction and drive the economy development of Northeast Asia, which become a new engine for comprehensive innovation of urban development, residence upgrading, consumption experience and relaxtion.


Changchun “Forise Future World”

As the marker of product line of FORISE PROPERTY, Changchun “Forise Future World” covers an area of 450 thousand square meters, with total gross floor area of 1.58 million square meters, is a world-class large-scale indoor entertainment and business complex for integrating types of commercial activities such as oversized indoor theme park, full landscape indoor water park, indoor child theme park, indoor film theme park, indoor thousand meters waterfront business street, international botique hotel, FORISE PROPERTY museum, FORISE PROPERTY finance center and industrial park. Total investment of the project is over RMB 8 billion. After the project is completed, it will cover the 395-meter-high urban landmark with 88 storeys and 600-meter-long international commerce No. 1 avenue, theme commercial business district creating many tops of the world and four indoor theme parks. After the project is open to the public, annual visitors flow volume can reach 15,000,000, and accumulative amount of consumption will break RMB ten billion.

Forise Property

As a “Global Creative Culture and Tourism Investment Operator”, Forise Property actively carries out culture and tourism business layout all over the globe, insisting on regarding market as the orientation, taking the development strategy of “Innovation-driven, industry diversity”, combining top strategic partners by virtue of strong superior resources integration capability. Forise Property continuously expands three product lines, namely, “Forise Future World”, “Forise Resort World” and “Forise International Resort Health District” to contribute to culture and tourism industry development and urban economy transformation and upgrading by building four core businesses, namely, overseas financial properties, culture and tourism industry, cultural creative industry, health related industry.


The progradation of Forise Future World in Northeast Asian economic development center Changchun:

>>>> In April 2014, Forise Property intends to invest nearly RMB ten million to forge a world-class large-scale experiential commercial cluster - Changchun “Forise Future World” centering at Changchun, covering the whole Northeast Asia.
>>>> In July 2015, Forise Property obtained a commercial land at Jingyue Development Zone of Changchun City at the price of RMB 436 million, and Changchun “Forise Future World” successfully entered and garrisoned in the Northeast.
>>>> In January 2016, Changchun Jingyue District observed the grand opening of “2016 China Northeast Asia Regional Financial Service Development Summit Forum” co-sponsored by Forise Holdings, Jilin Financial Office, Changchun People’s Government Financial Service Office, Administration Committee of Changchun Jingyue High and New Technology Industry Development Zone.

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