Jinan“Forise Future World" is initiated officially, and Forise Property's expansion in the world has made a further step

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December 25, 2015, Jinan “Forise Future World” program’s land opening ceremony and sales confirmation signing ceremony was held on the sixth floor of Longquan Building of Zhangqiu City. On the ceremony, the representative of Forise Property and the director of Land and Resources Bureau of Zhangqiu Li Qu signed the sales confirmation.Major leaders of the city such as secretary of Municipal Party Committee Jianglin, mayor Liu Tiandong came to land and resources bureau to witness the land opening ceremony. 

This land opening ceremony means that Forise Property has went into to Shandong peninsula successfully. The innovated product “Forise Future World” made a further step in the process of world expansion.After the building of the project, “Forise Future World” has the hope to become the culture, tourism, business and living center of Shandong and the east China.

Expectations for Jinan “Forise Future World”

It is said that there are six pieces of land for transfer in this state owned construction land use right transfer activity held by the Bureau of Land Resources of Zhangqiu, Jinan. In these lands, Number 2015-26 state owned construction use right gained attention by many enterprises. After rounds of fierce competition, that was eventually won by strong Forise Property.The land is located at the UN low carbon ecological scenic spot in the Xiuyuan River of Zhangqiu, Jinan, which has huge potential advantages and values in district, transportation or geographical resources.Forise Property, combining diversified innovation format and operation mode by world-class plan and technological renovation, will become a globally influential ultimate destination integrated with culture, recreation, leisure, performing, shopping, catering and hotel.

In fact, it has gained high attention and support by the Municipal Government of Zhangqiu since the program of “Forise Future World” was prepared in Jinan.In the project signing ceremony before, Jianglin, Secretary Municipal Committee of Zhangqiu, Jinan, has expressed the Municipal Government was highly inspired by Forise Property’s strong strength and the innovative plan ideal of “Forise Future World”.The “Forise Future World” will be forged an unprecedented city recreation business aircraft carrier with world-class commercial volume and far-sighted business mode.

Zhangqiu City, the sub-center of Jinan, is situated at the interchange of Jinan- Zibo Optimization Area, Jinan-Laiwu Coordination Area and Jinan-Binzhou Linkage Area, playing a unique role at the hub connecting the east and west of the economic circle.In recent years, Zhangqiu City was successively honored as “National garden city”, “China’s excellent tourism city” and “National ecological demonstration area”. With the rise of cultural tourism industry throughout China and the start of the development plan for economic circle in provincial city cluster, Zhangqiu City will embrace more benefits of administration area and urban supporting upgrading.With the formal construction of Jinan-Qingdao high speed railway and the upgrading of Jinan-Qingdao highway, Zhangqiu North Station will become a pivot station in Jinan connecting all over the country. Moreover, it is only five kilometers away from “Forise Future World”, providing a strong guarantee for post operation of the program and huge passenger flow.

The re-expansion of Forise Property’s strategic layout

As the representative program of “Forise Future World” of Forise Property’s three innovative product line, the completion of “Forise Future World” in Jinan will undoubtedly provides strong driving force for the development of tourism economy and cultural creativity industry of Jinan, which will exert a positive and profound influence on the city future development and transformation and upgrading. That will thus become a “city card” radiating Shandong province and even the east of China, promoting a new und of increase and takeoff of regional economic development.

At present, apart from Zhangqiu, Jinan, ‘Forise Future World” has rapidly laid out such national key cities as Changchun, Changsha, Wuhan, Huhhot.

As a key sector to build the sound development ecological circle of Forise Property financial industry, Forise Property, sticking to the enterprise development strategy of “innovation driving and global sight”, takes the lead in launching a new model combing industry and finance to forge an integrated development platform based on industry and supported by finance with the Internet as gene. It will advance the development of cultural tourism industry throughout the country and even the world, and expand the three product lines of “Forise Future World”, “Forise Resort World” and “Forise International Resort District”, committing to provide strong capital drive and innovation engine for urban upgrading, industrial renovation and resident life.

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