Together with Knights Group initiate the dollar property fund,FORISE PROPERTY states to be engage in America Financial property

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On March 18th, 2016, FORISE PROPERTY and America Knights Group sign the cooperation agreement for establishing the fund for developing the America property, and establishing the “FUHUA Knights Dollar Property Fund” mainly concerning the business or apartment developing project invested in the central business area in Manhattan, New York, America, wherein the amount of this fund plan at initial period is US 0.1 billion dollars, and the predicted income from the interior stock equity can arrive at over 20%, and the predicted income from the superior stock equity can arrive at over 8-10%.It should be noted that either the interior stock equity or the superior stock equity can obtain all exchange earnings ascending the US to RMB exchange rate under the expectation for the continuous appreciation of dollar in the future.

In the process of appointing the cooperation between two parties in the signing agreement, FORISE PROPERTY and Knights Group adopts dual GP (general partners) mode. Under the dual GP mode, both parties accredit the fund management team to in charge of the investment opportunity in America, and participate in the investment negotiation and management thereafter. Meanwhile, both parties make an decision about the major matters such as the fund and project investment in the form of the investment committee. This active management mode makes FORISE PROPERTY to be created as the consignee for America property investment or asset configuration worth of the trust of investor.

“FUHUA Knights Dollar Property Fund” adopts the strict wind controlling measures: On one hand, employ the external first-class professional organization to concentrate on the private equity fund and the rapid development of the capital market; Fenxun Law Firm is responsible for designing the legal structure of the entire cross-border investment; PUHUA YONGDAO, one of four Accounting Firms is responsible for planning all tax affairs; On the other hand, wind control measures at different levels are matched at the “FUHUA Knights Dollar Property Fund” through strictly inner risk identification process so as to ensure the raised project can make the investor to obtain the income under the condition of controlling the risk.

Under the stimulation of the continuous low housing mortgage loan and the increasing strength economic development, the residential market in New York presents the strength in current years; particularly the residential projects with high quality and located in the optimum position is popular with the market, but this type of the project provided in Manhattan every year is very limit. “FUHUA Knights Dollar Property Fund” is the stock equity fund mainly used for investing the central business region in Manhattan, New York, and the projects with strong liquidity which is popular with the market such as the superior apartment, store and hotel, etc.


Through cooperating with Knights Group, FORISE PROPERTY devotes to create the comprehensive strength for developing the property in New York, and accelerate the layout of its industry in North America, and finally becomes the property financial investor with a certain popularity and influence. Provide the world, particularly Chinese human group with high-net value developed rapidly with the whole line products for the asset configuration and oversea investment.

Introduction to America Group

America Knights Group consists of the first-class experts in America finance and property industry, concentrating on the cross-border investment between China and America. After the rapid development for several years, Knight Group has been grown as the comprehensive finance company possessing the financial investment, property investment, asset management and other investment businesses; currently the managed capital mainly derives from America large-scale pension, and the fund donated by America _ Ivy League University, the private equity fund donated by insurance company; the managed fund scale exceeds US 3.8 billion dollars. As the Chinese capital firstly invested to initiate the project development in the core section of Manhattan, Knights Group has rich development experience in America, particularly Manhattan, and obtain the support from the famous investing bank, local developer, financial fund and various professional organizations. Knight Capital Group has invested many projects in New York Manhattan such as 50 Street Project and the Fifth Avenue Number 520 Super Highrise Luxury Residence Project (the total amount is over 1.5 billion dollars). After completion, the Fifth Avenue Project will build the highest building in the fifth avenue.


Background information for Chinese capital investing America real estate

According to the statistics of America RealCapital Analytics, the amount of Chinese capital directly invested in America real estate reached 15.1 billion dollars (about RMB 97.7 billion Yuan) in 2015, which almost equals to half of such investment in accumulation of last 16 years, in which most Chinese capital invested by private placement of real estate. The investment districts of private fund from Chinese capital mainly are core cities such as New York, San Francisco, Boston and Washington. New York is the most popular investment desitination for Chinese capital. 

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