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Corporation Awards

05 2016

“Forise Harvard Life” signs strategic corporation for high-end health medical service comprehensive platform with American GE Medical.

05 2016

Foriseland, together with Harvard University Image Center builds domestic first top health service comprehensive platform—“Forise Harvard Life"establishes.

03 2016

Jia Lina, the vice president of Changchun political consultative conference, visited and spoke high of Changchun “Forise Future World”project, and would promote the future development of this project.

04 2016

Raising Forise Knights Dollar Property Fund together with American Knights Group, focusing on real estate development and investment in Manhattan.

03 2016

Signing contract with Cyprus Quality Group about Cyprus luxury resort wellness project (Elysian Garden), to build superlative resort place in European Mediterranean.

01 2016

Jinan“Forise Future World” project got listed in 2016 Jinan key projects, to create a new economy growth pole for Jinan together with city Party Committee and municipal government.

12 2015

Jinan“Forise Future World” project was grandly held land delisting and purchase confirmation signing ceremony at Zhangqiu Longquan Hall, marking that Foriseland would enter Shandong peninsula.

10 2015

Forise Holdings Groups successfully obtained Gold Coast coastal high tower project development certificate valued at 1.2 billion RMB, and intended to build an extremely high landmark of 88 floors.

08 2015

Foriseland successfully obtained Songpan County Mounigou cultural tourism comprehensive development project, and would build Jiuzhaigou“Forise Resort World”.

07 2015

Foriseland bade a piece of commercial land in Changchun Jingyue development zone with 436 million RMB Changchun “Forise Future World”successfully entered north-east China.

06 2015

The Lijiang “Forise Resort World” Junlin part would be capped on 23rd June after three-month construction!

05 2015

Forise signed “Forise Future World” project with government of Zhangqiu, Jinan.

05 2015

Foriseland signed strategic cooperation agreement with Diaoyutai MGM Hotel.

04 2015

The Lijiang “Forise Resort World”was awarded as the “commercial property project with most growth potential in China”.

03 2015

Signing official strategic cooperation agreement with China Railway Construction Group Corporation Limited to promote the cultural tourism industry development together.

03 2015

Lijiang “Forise Resort World” started as expected. With support from superior resources and guarantee of 4 billion capital, the first phase of this project will open on Sep. 1st. 2016.

12 2014

Global brand conference of “Forise Future World” was successfully held in Beijing Performance and Art Center, which caused high attention and praise.

10 2014

Confirming strategic cooperation with Lijiang government, to co-construct “Forise Resort World”and develop it into a world remarkable themed holiday and travelling site.

10 2014

Signing official strategic cooperation agreement with Global China Group. The two parties set “new type of urbanization construction” as goal to cooperate on Wuhan “Forise Future World”.

09 2014

Foriseland invested heavily in Changsha to build Changsha Forise Future World of 1.5 million square meters.

09 2014

Tianjin government visited Foriseland and reached strategic cooperation intention in development of “Forise Future World”.

08 2014

Signing official “Forise Future World”strategic cooperation agreement with Hohhot government.

04 2014

Invested nearly 6 billion to build a world-class enormous experiential business cluster that takes Changchun as center and covers whole north-east area—Changchun Forise Future World.

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